RPC "Geosphere+"

Research and Production Center "Geosphere+" specializes in geochemical prospecting minerals and geoecology. The primary goals solved by techniques of geochemical exploration for oil and gas are:

  • Evaluation petroleum potential of local prospects and recommendations for deep-hole drilling locations
  • Prospect ranking based on priority for the deep-hole drilling
  • Evaluation of projected hydrocarbon accumulations phase state
  • Expansion of oil and gas productivity contour
  • Performing reconnaissance survey to optimize oil and gas exploration program
  • Comparison of the group  content of hydrocarbons  in  surface deposits  and core samples with hydrocarbon content information samples and  surface deposits of already discovered oiland gas fields
  • Mapping and study natural gas anomalies, including gas hydrate shows
  • Developing specialized software for processing and interpretation of geochemical and geoecological information

RPC "Geosphere+" has developed and successfully implemented a unique technology of oil and gas prospecting and exploration based on geochemical components С135, isotopic composition of С14 gases, deep gases influence: (Не, Н2, СН4) on forming hydrocarbon accumulations.

This technology allows to increase the efficiency and improve the results of oil and gas prospecting efforts, as well as optimize the whole exploration program and forecast reservoir phase state by using geochemical markers of hydrocarbons associated with already identified benchmark prospects.

Research and Production Center "Geosphere+" also works in the following areas:

Geochemical exploration for solid commercial minerals

  • Geochemical survey geared to discover deposits and fields of solid commercial minerals
  • Processing and interpretation geochemical information on the purpose of forecasting, prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits.
  • Comprehensive analysis of geophysical and geochemical studies results in order to improve effectiveness of forecasting concealed mineralization
  • Computer data processing: creating geochemical maps with geochemical field differentiated on background and anomalies, identifying scopes of differing type geochemical associations

Geoecology and environmental monitoring

  • Evaluation of subsurface usage technogenic loads on various components of the environment
  • Geoecological assessment of subsurface objects on energy objects
  • Geoecological certification and monitoring oil and gas industrial objects
  • Oil spill identification with presumed source of environmental pollution
  • Prospecting and evaluation technogenic petroleum products deposits for industrial facilities
  • Evaluation of natural anomalies and risk areas associated with gas "breath" of mineral resources

Research and developement

  • Research work in the field of geochemical mineral deposits prospecting
  • Regulatory and guidance documents development in the field of geochemical exploration and geoecology
  • Developing specialized software for processing and interpretation of geochemical and geoecological information

Years of experience in study of geochemical exploration methods, allows our company to offer the best combination of standard solutions for oil and gas forecasting and exploration based on geochemical data and innovative technologies, which, in turn, open up the possibility for customers to improve results of any phase of prospecting, exploration or exploitation hydrocarbon accumulations in the subsoil, both on land and at sea.

Areas where our company performed geochemical prospecting for oil and gas